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Advancing Health Through Innovation

INHALE HEALTH® is a biotech company based in Beverly Hills, California. We manufacture Electronic Nutrients™ designed to shift the world to an era of inhalable wellness. We express innovation through the marriage of biotechnology and artisan design. Socially conscious technologies move the world forward. We understand your daily needs. It is our mission to advance your healthy lifestyle.

Executive Team

Daniel Wolf

Founder & CEO

“There is no such thing as ‘the way things are’. Reality is a canvas for ideas”

Daniel began INHALE HEALTH® as a catalyst to shift the world to an era of inhalable products designed to promote health. He oversees business development, product development, and product marketing for the company. Daniel holds a MA in Philosophy and Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh.

 Mario Danek

Co-Founder, Director of Biomedical Development

“Biotech innovation holds the key to the future of health”

Mario joined INHALE HEALTH® to oversee biomedical affairs including the direction of lab work, medical trials, and intellectual property curation. Mario brings an interdisciplinary background to INHALE HEALTH® that includes molecular biology, and medical device IP. He holds a degree from the University of Oregon.

Inhale Health donates a portion of revenue to cancer research.

Let’s build a better world.

Isn’t it about time, for the future?
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