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MELATONIN Lavender Dream™

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Sleep on Demand™

Fall asleep within minutes after breathing Inhale Health® Melatonin - a revolutionary new sleep-aid that boosts natural sleep hormones to support relaxation and a healthy sleep cycle.

Inhale Health® Melatonin induces a more effective and natural way to sleep soundly through the night - allowing melatonin to be absorbed instantaneously, providing faster effects than pills, tablets or beverages. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in the body that regulates normal sleep patterns to provide a restful night’s sleep and an even more refreshing morning.

Finally, a good night’s sleep is just a breath away.

Inhale Health® Melatonin is the world’s leading lab-verified inhalable sleep aid, formulated in the USA using pharmaceutical grade active ingredients homogenized in an organic base. This product is vegan friendly and contains absolutely zero nicotine, propylene glycol, or calories.

Flavor & Usage

Lavender Dream flavor combines notes of lavender, chamomile and honey to lull you to blissful sleep. Start by unboxing and removing the cap. Breathe in for 3 seconds, 5 to 10 times before bed. One nightly serving contains up to 1mg of melatonin. Each Inhale Health® Melatonin Inhaler supports up to one month of healthy sleep. No refilling or recharging required.

Must be 21+ years of age to be purchase.

Revolutionary Delivery System

Our groundbreaking delivery system provides maximum absorption through inhalation rather than ingestion. You don’t absorb everything you ingest. Breathing in allows faster delivery to the bloodstream and near instant absorption.

Data-Driven Quality

Inhale Health® proprietary technology transitions bioavailable micronutrients to an inhalable form. All active ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and sourced from ISO certified facilities in the United States.

Our devices apply proprietary thermochemistry allowing active micronutrients to transition to aerosol whilst remaining bioactive. Inhalation allows them to be rapidly absorbed and bypass the inefficiencies of the digestive system. The chromatogram below illustrates the successful transition of our liquid nutrient formulas to bioactive aerosols.

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