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Melatonin Lavender Dream™ 3-Pack Bundle

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Start 2019 with a Good Night's Sleep.

Melatonin Lavender Dream™ 3-Pack Bundle.

Inhale Health® Melatonin - a revolutionary new sleep-aid that boosts natural sleep hormones to support relaxation and a healthy sleep cycle.

Lavender Dream flavor combines notes of lavender, chamomile and honey to lull you to blissful sleep.

This item contains quantity of 3 Melatonin Lavender Dream.

Our devices apply proprietary thermochemistry allowing active micronutrients to transition to aerosol whilst remaining bioactive. Inhalation allows them to be rapidly absorbed and bypass the inefficiencies of the digestive system. The chromatogram below illustrates the successful transition of our liquid nutrient formulas to bioactive aerosols.

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