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Rapid Nutrient Uptake

Inhalation is a direct pathway to the bloodstream. The INHALE HEALTH® product line works with the respiratory system allowing nutrients to enter the bloodstream immediately.

Lab Verified

INHALE HEALTH® proprietary technology successfully transitions liquid vitamins to an inhalable format. A chromatogram of nutrient purity is available below.

Support Cellular Function

Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 work together synergistically to support a healthy immune system, metabolism, and natural cellular processes.

Boost Energy & Cognition

Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 are rapidly absorbed to increase natural energy production and support brain function.

Medical Grade

All vitamins used are USP Pharmaceutical grade sourced from ISO certified facilities in the United States. All device raw materials are medical grade and BPA free.

Made in the USA

Our nutrient formula is proudly manufactured here at home in the USA. We only include vitamins that have no daily maximum, meaning you cannot ingest too many vitamins from using Vitamin™.

Organic Base

Our USP Pharmaceutical grade nutrients are suspended in an organic base of vegetable glycerin. This allows them to be delivered to the lungs safely and efficiently.

Contains Zero Nicotine

We are committed to making health products only. Our products contain absolutely ZERO nicotine. INHALE HEALTH® also contains no diacetyl, and is free of additives and byproducts.

No Refilling or Recharging

INHALE HEALTH® products will flash ten times to let you know when it’s time for a new one. No refilling, no recharging. Simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Nutrients Redefined

INHALE HEALTH® accelerates your healthy lifestyle. We are redefining the wellness industry through our commitment to technological innovation and design.


Our proprietary technology successfully transitions liquid vitamins to vapor without compromising bioavailability.

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Wellness Redefined

In the future, humanity will inhale nutrients, not toxins. We are building that future. We hope you’ll join us.


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